Dr. Susanne Keith

Dr. Susanne Keith



After studying in Freiburg and Münster, Dr. Susanne Keith passed her first state law examination in 1982. In Münster, she worked as an assistant at the Institute for International Business Law and earned her doctorate with Prof. Dr. Otto Sandrock during her time as an articled clerk in Düsseldorf. After a successful dissertation in commercial law and a three-month internship at an international law firm in Paris, she passed her second state examination in 1986 and was admitted as a lawyer by the Düsseldorf District Court. After working as a lawyer for two years in a Düsseldorf law firm, she joined HORLITZ ∙ KEITH & PARTNER. She has been accredited as a lawyer by the Essen Local and Regional Courts since 1988.

Dr. Susanne Keith speaks German, English and French.

She advises clients on issues in the fields of civil and public law, focusing on inheritance law and commercial law.


Tel.: 0201 / 61 56 66
Fax: 0201 / 61 56 6-33
Email: susanne.keith@horlitz.com