Private construction law, architecture and engineering law

We provide advice on all questions of private construction law. Our clients include not only companies in the real estate and construction industries, but also mechanical engineering and plant construction companies.

Our range of services particularly covers the following areas:

  • Contracts for work and construction contract law according to VOB and BGB, in particular contract drafting, contract review and contract negotiation
  • Legal support for building projects and projects of all sizes
  • Advice to employers and contractors from project planning to the warranty phase
  • Advice on the drafting and execution of construction contracts, general contractor contracts, developer contracts, etc.
  • Drafting and review of supply and work contracts, and contracts for the construction of industrial plants
  • Legal support in securing evidence
  • Advising architects and engineers on contract drafting, invoicing, liability cases and the assertion of fee claims
  • Procurement law, in particular advising the public sector and private individuals on award of contracts and tenders; support during contract negotiations and litigation in review proceedings before the public procurement chambers and the public procurement senates.
  • Administrative law
  • Advice on out-of-court settlement of disputes, in particular in cases of performance, remuneration, warranty and liability.
  • Conducting arbitration proceedings, also as arbitrators
  • Litigation in building matters, architectural and engineering matters, and conducting independent judicial evidence proceedings
  • Performance of in-house training courses in construction law



Dr. Stefan Keith

Dr. Stefan Keith